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Here are a few tips to save you some trouble following your move:

Tips and Tricks

Clients frequently seek advice on preparing for a move. What are the recommended steps for a smooth move? I’m in the process of moving; what actions should I take?

Here are tips and tricks that we recommend to our customers to prepare for their move.

As soon as you know the date of your move, you should start notifying your institutions. Several merchants and institutions send you important mail. Unfortunately, it is up to you to take the steps to notify them.

Moving Waldo can become your best friend. In just a few minutes they can take care of all the administrative tasks of a move. Go visit their website for more details.

It is a necessary process for your smooth transition into your new home.

  • To avoid forgetting, be sure to change your address as soon as you receive your mail.
  • Communicate with your financial institutions as soon as possible
  • Notify your local services of the date of your move (Hydro-Québec, telephone, gas, cable service, internet provider) in order to coordinate with them the new date of installation at your new address.

Here are some tips for your move.

How to move?

  • Book your move as soon as possible. Ideally three weeks in advance.
  • Do you live in a condominium? You should book your elevator if needed
  • Thoroughly remove snow and ice from entrances
  • No box over 20 lbs.
  • Put light objects in large boxes
  • Make sure that the accesses are released.
  • Avoid packing furniture that will be thrown away or recycled when unpacking. A move is a great opportunity to clean up your personal items.
  • Reserve parking spaces.
  • Optimize the spaces in the boxes.
  • Tape top and bottom of boxes
  • Properly identify fragile objects
  • Identify fragile boxes
  • To ensure a smooth departure from the residence, it is advisable to dismantle any furniture that may pose challenges for the movers ahead of their arrival.
  • Want to pack yourself? Obtain the necessary equipment for your move. Know that good packaging is the key to a good move. Have you seen our packing supplies deals ?
  • Packing items with quality packaging makes a big difference. Boxes should be the same size where possible.
  • Pack your items room by room, identifying the room in which your items should be placed at the new residence. Unpacking will be much more efficient.
  • Getting ahead is very important. Doing clubs every day will prevent you from being at the last minute and increasing the level of stress.


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