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A move to St-Lambert


A move to St-Lambert is very easily accessible from our warehouse. Either directly through the tunnel or through most bridges depending on the South Shore in Montreal.

Our team has built a reputation over the years in the greater Montreal area as well as throughout the province.

We want to offer the best value for money to our customers. Our service always exceeds the expectations of our customers. We motivate our employees to always provide the best service to our customers. Our reputation in St-Lambert precedes us. Our moving company is a benchmark in Quebec. Quality and efficient work. Excellent value for money!

Have you bought a new house in St-Lambert? To enjoy beautiful land, a beautiful big house for the growing family? Why not start off on the right foot by doing business with the best moving company in Quebec. Do business with the best for your move to St-Lambert.


Why choose us in St-Lambert? Because we know the territory very well. We currently do business in the city of St-Lambert as well as everywhere on the south shore of the island of Montreal. Our warehouse and offices are located at 11665 avenue Philippe-Panneton, we take advantage of a central location (near the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel and the bridges) to serve the south shore of Montreal . Assuming your move takes place in the morning or early afternoon, our team will be in the opposite direction of traffic. This greatly facilitates our trips to get to our destination on time.

Having our offices in the same location as our warehouse greatly facilitates the organization and storage of your furniture. By limiting the movement of your belongings, we reduce the chances of an accident!

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next move for your move.

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