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Specialized Transportation

Over the years, our company has acquired great expertise in moving unconventional objects or furniture. This is what we call specialized transport.

For our team of professionals, nothing is too complicated to move. We have developed an expertise to adapt and always find the best way to pack and transport all types of furniture, objects or goods possible.

Our employees are trained to pack, load the truck, transport, and unpack high-value objects or objects of unconventional sizes and shapes.

Send us a message to find out how we can help you. Our experts will assess your needs and we will find a solution to your transportation needs.

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Specialized transportation

We are specialized transport professionals. Our expertise is unmatched in the field. With experience, and the amount of unconventional furniture and materials that we have transported, we have become experts in the field. Here are some examples of unconventional objects or furniture that we have been able to transport over the years.

Works of art
Grand piano
Stuffed animals
Factory machinery
antique furniture

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Lachapelle Logistics

Specialized transportation

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Our company is looking for young or experienced drivers. We need drivers to run our beautiful 26ft trucks.

Are you a class 3 driver’s license holder looking for a new challenge? Do not search anymore. Our company would be very happy to have you on our team. Our company offers busy days, a very competitive salary, and a great atmosphere, it’s impossible to get bored while being part of Lachapelle Logistics. Your skills would be very important to us, and you would be nicely rewarded Send us a message to apply for a job as a driver with us!

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