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Residential move

For your residential move, you can count on our know-how.

With years of experience, our skilled staff has mastered the art of handling. This way, our employees will ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the entire process. Moreover, you will receive the best service in the industry at a competitive price.

In other words, your move is in the hands of our moving professionals. You can be assured that your furniture will be handled with the utmost care at all times.

  • Premium service (local and long distance)
  • Qualified staff respectful of your goods and needs
  • Home quote at no additional cost
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Lachapelle Logistics

Services Offered To Our Clients

To begin with, we will use packing materials to ensure a smooth residential move. This way, your furniture will be protected throughout the process. Our team will arrive at the agreed-upon time, equipped with the necessary tools for a quick and efficient execution of your move.

Services And Materials Offered

  • Complete packing and unpacking of your goods
  • Delivery of packing material to your home
  • Use of wardrobe boxes free of charge. They will make it easier to transport your clothes during the move.
  • They will make it easier to transport your clothes during the move.
  • Neoprene protective mat for your floors, again offered free of charge
  • Storage service (heated, secure, controlled access, single-use for our moving customers)

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The moving pros

Moving Equipment

In addition, a wide range of equipment is included in our hourly rates. In this way, the transport of your furniture will be done more efficiently. Therefore, our equipment will speed up your move and reduce your bill.

Here are some examples of equipment we have at your disposal:

  • Trolleys with wheels
  • Protective covers
  • Tools
  • Moving belts
  • Rolling box
  • computer box
  • wardrobe box

Finally, everything is included in our hourly rates.

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