Lachapelle Logistics

Our Equipment and Vehicles

Equipment and Vehicles

Our equipment and vehicles are of exceptional efficiency and quality. Our employees are dressed in top quality clothing for our Quebec climate. In addition, our employees have at their disposal all the necessary equipment to carry out a job as quickly as possible.

Our customers can always expect well-dressed employees in our company clothing. They will arrive with all the necessary equipment to carry out YOUR move.

Here are some examples of our equipment:


Partitioned carts
Specialized Carts
Packing/unpacking materials
Supply of boxes, archive boxes, bubble wrap
IT carts
Plastic bins and lids that can be closed
Labels to identify personal effects and workstations
Plastic bags for packaging computer accessories
Four-wheel dollies

All this equipment is not always necessary for each move. Our team looks at the work to be done beforehand and brings the material accordingly.

Lachapelle Logistics

Our equipment continued

For most moves, we can assist clients in disassembling and reassembling certain furniture pieces. Sometimes, we need to dismantle furniture to help it navigate through a room and into the moving truck. Rest assured, we will reassemble it once we reach the destination. Our employees are trained to use a toolbox effectively and work with various types of furniture such as bed frames, refrigerators, sofas, tables, and more.

We will ensure that the furniture is well assembled and placed in the right place before leaving.

wooden box
pallet truck
Padded protective covers
Moving belts
Loading Dock Platforms
Aluminum ramps
Aluminum tool box
tool box
Floor mat

Lachapelle Logistics

Our Vehicles

We have several types of vehicles to perform different types of work as efficiently as possible. Here are different types of vehicles we own:

Econoline service unit
20 foot trucks
26 foot air suspension trucks with a hydraulic platform

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