Lachapelle Logistics


Our company is able to deliver anywhere in the province of Quebec as well as in Canada.

We are accustomed to assisting our clients in delivering furniture or equipment from one address to another. Whether it’s for individuals needing items delivered or businesses requiring the transportation of materials between branches, we have the experience and our drivers are skilled in handling all types of deliveries.

Our company is there to do this work. Rest assured that the work will be done on time. We take advantage of an ideal location to make most deliveries in the Montreal area. We deal in deliveries on the north and south shores of Montreal, as well as on the island.

Not sure we can do the work you need? contact us to have the right time. Our teams will be happy to answer your questions.


Moving Lachapelle

Everywhere in the province of Quebec as well as in Canada



We check and inspect our trucks daily.

Our employees carry out a truck inspection at the end of each working day. Our team takes care of cleaning the truck and storing the equipment. Starting each working day, we do another truck check. This way we ensure that our equipment and our trucks are functional.

Our team of professionals prepares the equipment for the day and our team goes to work.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We leave nothing to chance to provide our customers with guaranteed satisfaction.

Our delivery team has made several deliveries for different companies in Quebec over the years. We take care of transporting their equipment from point A to point B. Our reputation is second to none in the delivery of equipment. We pay great attention to detail and we work quickly.

We have worked with companies such as Zone, Ikea, Transport Continental, Brault et Martineau, Brick, Multi Luminaire, CSDM, and many others.

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