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All-inclusive package, residential and commercial moving

An all-inclusive moving package to be liberating for our customers.

Preparing for a move can be stressful. It is never easy. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive moving package.

To prepare everything and ensure that the move goes like clockwork, we offer you a turnkey service.

From the planning, to the preparation of the move and until the unpacking. You can trust Lachapelle Logistics, we take care of everything.

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Moving Lachapelle

Turnkey service

Our all-inclusive moving package services offer several types of benefits.

Firstly, we will need to conduct a site visit and provide a quote. Each move is unique, and our experts can assess the situation accurately once they are on-site.

Next, we will determine the scope of work required. Then, we will work with the client to schedule one or multiple dates for packing and preparing the materials in advance. This approach helps streamline the efficiency of the moving day.

Thus, the packing of your goods would be done and prepared professionally. The boxes are well-identified, we order them and get them ready for the day of the move.

Also, we can ensure for you the reservation, if necessary, of a lift for the agreed date. Once again, full support!

We can also make sure to obtain a permit to occupy the public domain if necessary on request.

Thereafter, we will move the equipment from point A to point B.

We will unpack the equipment in the new residence to end the moving day well. And at the same time, put everything in the right place.

In closing, all this is available to our customers who request an all-inclusive package.

The package may change according to the customer’s needs.

Moving Lachapelle

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In short, the packages can be completely turnkey or Lachapelle Logistics can help you during the preparation as well as once you arrive at your destination.

Contact us quickly so we can assess the situation with you.

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